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Gaming and License Duty Returns

If you are a business with games on your premises that pay cash prices such as slot machines, fruit machines or quiz machines you may need to pay Machine Games Duty. Your takings from machine games will be exempt from VAT if you pay Machine Games Duty so there is a specific entry required when you record this on your financial records.


At BBKs & Co Accountant we can guide you on your requirements, make the recordings on your behalf within your accounting system and ensure your return is files meeting all deadlines, and avoiding any penalties for late payment.


It’s your responsibility if you hold any of the following licences:

  • Premises licence, for example for gambling or alcohol
  • Family entertainment centre gaming machine permit
  • Club premises certificate, a club gaming permit or club machine permit
  • Prize gaming permit or amusement permit
  • Registration certificate including a club registration certificate
  • Bookmaking office licence or bingo licence
  • Licence to sell alcohol in Northern Ireland.


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