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Management Accounting

During the financial year clients can find the preparation of monthly or quarterly management accounts invaluable as a means of analysing detail specific data useful for the company’s future decision making. BBKs & Co accountants detailed reports give company directors or high-ups within the company key information relating to sales, cash flow, profits and loss and certain types of expenses. This in turn allows decisions to be made that can bring about savings both in terms of time and finances.

In some cases, management accounts are required by banks to facilitate loans or overdrafts to ensure that any concerns can be addressed quickly without having to wait until the year end financial statements are ready. This can help your company stay on top of spending and give the ability to develop and grow successfully.


In short our management accounts service can help your business

  • Make more informed decisions
  • Keep an eye on performance of the business and individual team members such as sales advisors
  • Keep up to date with cash flow and recognise any potential problems early
  • Detect any fraud within your business
  • Save time and money

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